Service/Diagnoses Fee

I understand that if I request a service call and later decide not to
have the repair performed (for any reason) after the technician has
arrived on location, I am solely responsible for a $40.00 dollar service
fee. If the device is not repairable or additional parts are required
that place the device beyond a reasonable repair expense then I have the
option to donate my device to be recycled which will waive said fee.

Water Damage

There is no way to quote a repair fee on a water damaged device prior to
examining the internals. We do offer a free diagnoses. However, this
only applies if you choose to proceed with the repair. If you decline to
proceed then a $40.00 service/diagnosis fee is administered as
mentioned above.


Anytime a device is opened up to attempt a diagnosis and (or) a repair, you risk
potentially damaging other components. While our technicians are highly
skilled professionals and take all necessary precautions, we are not
excluded from these risks. Your devices operate using tiny ribbon connection
cables that are extremely fragile and tear very easily. MiR accepts no
responsibility and will not be held financially liable for any damages
that result from any attempted diagnosis or repair. You, the customer,
will be responsible for any and all additional parts and labor.

 Thank you for choosing MiR!

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